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To celebrate the tenth anniversary of its sponsorship relationship with Urdd Gobaith Cymru, this year HSBC will be backing an exiting new initiative to hold activities in Tipis during the Eisteddfod week, held in Anglesey between 31 May and 5 June.

Five tipis with the largest able to house up to a hundred children are provided by Shelters Unlimited from Machynlleth. They will be used during the week by the fair-trade company Masnach Deg, HSBC and the Urdd with the aim of extending the range of entertainment and activities offered to children and young people that visit the Eisteddfod.

From storytelling sessions, to writing and scripting workshops, dancing, acoustic sessions and youth question and answers sessions, the tipis will provide activities for children and young people from every age. They will also be a focal socialising point and visitors can even enjoy breakfast especially prepared by the Urddaholics using fair-trade products provided by Cwmni Masnach Teg.

Siân Elin Jones, Community Relations Manager for HSBC Bank says: “This is an exciting new initiative for the Urdd and will, I’m sure, be well received by many Eisteddfod-goers. The tipis are eye-catching and we hope that many youngsters will take advantage of the excellent range of activities planned during the Eisteddfod week.

“HSBC has been closely involved with the Urdd ever since its formation in 1922, and this year celebrates the tenth anniversary of its sponsorship relationship. We are very proud of our long-standing connections.”

The tipis will be located in and area of the Field labelled ‘Stryd yr Ifanc’ (Street for Youngsters), another new venture by the Urdd this year to provide an attraction for young people coming to the Eisteddfod, not necessarily to compete on the main stage, but just to enjoy themselves. The activities held in the ‘Street’ during the week will include hairdressing demos by Menai Bridge popular salon, Ceri a Morus, sponsored by Welsh-language teen magazine ‘V’;  a skateboarding park and vocal and musical master classes held by Gwyn Hughes Jones and Iwan Llewelyn Jones. 

“We see the Tipis and the street for youngsters as an exiting and important addition to the Eisteddfod Field,” says Siân Eirian, Director of the Eisteddfod and the Arts.

“Not everyone coming to the Eistedfdod is there to compete, and we were aware that we needed to increase the activities we had on offer to accommodate them. The aim is that the tipis and the ‘Street’ will be a place on the field run by young people during the week, offering a wide range of modern, contemporary and cultural experiences.

“We are very pleased that HSBC can once again assist us in our work with the children and young people of Wales.  Without such support, it would not be possible for us to arrange such a good festival, or to offer so many cultural experiences to our members throughout Wales,” she adds.

For further information, please contact Eurgain Haf on 029 20 741 454.
29 April, 2004

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